Why Use FREEmium Tools?

CT_12sc  by Courtney Thompson / NewZealandAds.com Let's back up a little bit. What are FREEmium tools? FREEmium online tools more specifically are like a free trial that does not expire. The obvious question is: How's FREEmium membership differ from a free trial or premium memberships? Let's look at free trials first. Free trials are, as the name implies free for a specified time period. Trial periods of 3 days, 7 day or 30 days are typical time periods. Usually, you will have access to all the premium features for the time period set by the company. When the time period ends, your access to the features of the site are terminated, unless you upgrade to one of the premium levels. Some downsides to the free trial approach assumes you have the time carved out of your busy schedule to do nothing else but play with the features of their application AND your procurement people (might also be you) are prepared to shell out for the vendor's app that y'all can't live or work without. Premium applications are feature rich application that you pa a monthly, quarterly or yearly for the use of the application features to help you perform you particular business task. Some Software as a Service (SaaS) that we may subscribe to to run our businesses include accounting (Xero, MYOB), office software (Microsoft 365 or G-Suite), autoresponder / list building software (12 Second Commute, Cash Juice). FREEmium is a tres kool hybrid. It has limited features, but allows you to use the software service at your own pace. When you max out the software capabilities, you have mastered the features and if you like them, you will upgrade to a paid subscription level. Take a look at 12 Second Commute. Look at the FREEmium features on the title page. This blog will focus and feature how to grow your business starting with FREEmium applications. Till next time. Connect with me on Webtalk